INS has a wide range of security solutions to meet the needs of any facility, from single apartment suites through large multi-national corporate locations. We have developed specialized solutions for bank security / financial institutions, multi-tenant sites, retail locations, education facilities, health science providers, government institutions, other commercial facilities and residences. 

Total security solutions from INS can include:
  • Burglar alarms / intrusion detection systems to identify forced or otherwise unauthorized entry
  • Access control / card access solutions to manage who can go where at what times
  • Deterrence and visual records of activity through digital video recording
  • Scalable integrated electronic security systems incorporating alarm, access control (card access, biometric, etc.), and even CCTV / video surveillance
  • Fire and smoke detection to potentially minimize personal injury and property damage
  • Vandalism prevention to limit exposure to malicious acts against the premises
  • Protection through hold-up / panic alarms
  • 24 hour, 7 day alarm monitoring through a comprehensive North American network of monitoring centres
  • Video monitoring & video verification service to opitimize response and minimize false alarms
  • IP (Internet Protocol) based intrusion, access and video solutions to leverage the power and convenience of the Internet, secured private networks and high speed connectivity