Products Overview

Card access or access control systems employ cards and readers to allow or deny access to certain persons entering a building or area of a building. 
CCTV (Closed Circuit Video) systems use cameras, DVRs, and monitors to provide visual records of activities.  Cameras act as the hub of any video surveillance system. Product alternatives relating to colour or black and white, level of resolution, degree of mobility allows customization of a surveillance application for any coverage area or set of lighting conditions. We carry a wide range of cameras including Pelco, Hikvision, Honeywell, Flir & Bosch.
Intercom systems allow audio communications to remote parts of your facility or building.  Remotely speak from a secure location to insecure locations, talk to guests at the front entrance or have a permanent communication solution for two locations that are always in constant need of an audio connection.  Primarily using the Aiphone product line INS will be sure to keep the conversation going.
Integrated sound systems are a viable solution for PA announcements, emergency broadcasts or simply background music.  Installation of multi speaker systems can liven any area and seamlessly integrate to any environment.  Speakers can be hidden away or openly displayed but always secure.  INS currently uses Quest, Yamaha & Sony to service your sound system requirements.
Photo ID adds personalization to your access utilities.  A surface level addition to security to avoid security credential theft and abuse of security systems.  Photo ID can be integrated and implemented into any security set up to ensure the proper people are in possession of the proper credentials.  
Physical protection from outside intrusion cannot be more fundamental than a secure fence.  But today's fences aren't simply a post with wire anymore.  Full technological integration into your security network allows for intruder detection and 24/7 monitoring.  
Display walls are based on the latest LED and LCD technology.  These walls are essential for advanced control rooms allowing for the management of critical and security systems with ease.  Gone are the days when your team is huddled behind a single monitor trying to point out minute details with fingers.  INS will install and implement a window of information that will fill the room.